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Expressing gratitude can be difficult for some people. It is sometimes mixed with embarrassment or insecurity. OR… people get too busy to stop long enough to notice something nice was done.   Expressing gratitude isn’t a sign of weakness or inferiority.  It can be humbling to admit we need help from others. It simply shows the respect you have for others.  People will be far more willing to help each other when they feel respect and appreciation.

Keep it simple

Instead of thinking about how to express your thanks, just say it!    If that’s not possible leave them a “post it” where they can see it.  It is nice to say thank you for simple things – imagine finding a “post it” in on your plate when you sit down to dinner, or in your lunch bag, or on your pillow!

Self gratitude

Don’t leave “you” out! It is not just others that we must remember to thank – it is particularly important to practice loving kindness towards yourself for a sense of peace.  If you start there, you will have more to give to others.

With that said….. Thank you for the kindness you extend to me and for being the person you are!

Dr. Peggy

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