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You CAN change your lifestyle for Health and overall Wellbeing!

As a health care professional for 25 years, I have heard the same story over and over. I wonder if this has ever happened to you:

The Diagnosis

You go to a doctor who spends a few minutes with you. Did you know that the average time a doctor has to spend with each patient is 7 minutes? Your assessment is reviewed with you – your weight, blood pressure, and labs. Then you are given the news:

  1. You are overweight
  2. Your blood pressure is up, and
  3. Your cholesterol is high
  4. You have a lot of stress in your life

At this moment you realize you are well on your way to qualify for the high risk category of heart disease, cancer, obesity, depression.

The Rx

You are given some medication and told three things you probably already knew; you need to change your diet, exercise and lower your stress.

You leave the office already feeling somewhat defeated, overwhelmed, fearful and discouraged about what you have to tackle. You have no idea how to make all these changes! It wasn’t explained that changing your lifestyle would take time and guidance. Consequently, you return 3 months later for your check up and the story is the same and sometimes worse. Some of you have already heard the diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

You are not alone.

How to change your wellness story

This fact is, change is really hard to do by yourself. Knowledge alone will not change behavior. Long lasting change comes from taking small steps.

Change is really hard to do by yourself. Knowledge alone will not change behavior. Long lasting change comes from taking small steps. And the most successful changes happen when you include:

  1. Personal readiness,
  2. A plan of action, and
  3. Accountability for change to occur.

In the health care model today, more is discussed about the consequences of not changing and less is learned about formulating a plan. Seven minutes is just not enough time!

What’s missing between visits? Direction, motivation and accountability.  This missing link is the health coach. With a coach, you will have a partner to

  • discover what you want
  • the steps to take, and
  • support you each step of the way

You will shift from medical advice to results.

My whole person approach to health coaching has empowered numerous clients in the U.S. to achieve long lasting health in body, mind and spirit!

Successful Wellbeing Strategies!

  • The tortoise was right…slow and steady movement wins the race! Honoring the time it takes to shift to a new behavior by taking the small steps necessary to make a long lasting change. If you consistently lost a pound a week, in 3 months you will have lost 12 pounds. While that may not seem like a lot, you will have adjusted to some new habits and will not have left you feeling deprived. Just think – in 6 months you will have lost 24 pounds; in a year you will have lost almost 50 pounds that have stayed off! Get the picture?
  • Take time to celebrate the small wins! Celebrating every step you take and feeling the rewards along the way. This cuts down on discouragement and self defeat, and provides the much needed encouragement, increased awareness and appreciation of your efforts. This can keep you excited and motivated about what is to come!
  • Experience the Fringe Benefits! Understanding the integration of all the areas in your life and the impact one has on the other by finding balance in all the areas of the Wheel of Health. When you have balance, you leave nothing behind. For example, you initially wanting to lower your cholesterol and lose weight, however, along the way you noticed that you feel better about your relationships, your self esteem has improved, and now you are able to get more movement in your day. See the connection?
  • Schedule a thirty minute block, for…. Yourself! Finding time for you each and every day. Even 30 minutes a day can be life changing. Making YOU #1 will:
    1. create an appreciation of who you are now
    2. help you to identify who you want to be and
    3. result in more clarity of how to get there
  • Reach out. Accountability can be the most important structure you add to the mix. Tell someone your health goal, join a support/exercise/diet group. Get a mentor or coach.

Together we will create your own Personalized Health Plan and help you:

  • Identify how to make change more enjoyable
  • Discover how to eat for a healthy heart
  • Change from the drudgery of exercise to fun movement
  • Progress from the all or nothing attitude to flexibility

Take the first step to a healthier you.

As a nurse, my passion is to guide you to better health. I would love to partner with you to create your vision of optimal health, not just a standard of what others expect. I can help you find a fit for what feels good and makes you happy.

To explore the possibilities of creating a healthy lifestyle with a whole person approach, take the tour call me for a complimentary wellness coaching session. Contact Peg



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