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noticeIf you are like me – you have been working hard for a number of years, taking care of loved ones and putting your best foot forward by attempting to do it all.

This report is critical to putting a stop the damage from the very things that are causing you to show signs of aging.  This is not limited to just the lines and wrinkles, this is more about stopping the inflammation that causes illness, pain  and an increase in your numbers, such as weight, cholesterol and blood pressure to name a few.

Believe it or not, everything you do on a daily basis has cause to increase free radical damage. If this term is not clear to you, you are not alone, and hopefully you will understand more as you read.

1. Be aware of the hidden causes of illness and aging.

Screaming girlConsider your daily activities. Have you ever realized that you are exposed to more toxins in a 15 minute shower than you will be for the rest of the day? Your skin absorbs anything it comes in contact with in 26 seconds!

You probably jump in the shower, rush around to get ready for work, apply cosmetics while taking in your daily dose of caffeine. You eat on the run, and sit in traffic to get to work.

Your work day may consist of deadlines, meetings and demands.  By the end of the day you are exhausted and stressed out. This leads to feeling achy, cranky and probably results in poor food choices. You find yourself grabbing a cocktail, some carbs or maybe some form of sleep aid to wind down and attempt to fit in 6 hours of sleep instead of the required 8 hours.

2. Change What You Can

Of course you can choose to change some of your lifestyle habits by bagging a healthy lunch or fitting in a  stop at the gym and learn stress reducing techniques. But there is something more you need to pay attention to.

The truth is, that today’s woman is plagued with responsibilities and commitments leaving very little time for self-care.  This hectic lifestyle and toxic environment we live in has resulted in rapid change on a cellular level.  The stress and toxins we are exposed to throughout the day are aging us fast by creating damage to our skin, our organs and our overall health!

If we look closely, we can see that every exposure to toxins creates more damage. The only way to remedy free radical damage is with a pure natural source of antioxidants.

Let’s not confuse this with vitamins or over the counter synthetic antioxidants.  It is critical to realize there is a vast difference in the quality and quantity of where you find the right compound that will give you the most value to heal from within.  If you use anything that has not been studied by science, pause and question the quality. If you see additives other than a pure form of something that comes from a plant, put it down.

3. Choose the right antioxidant

As a doctor of Natural Health, and an RN, I have studied science and nutrition for 40 years and I have become quite intolerant of products that are lacking proven science and quality control.

muscadine image for biz cardsThe news is buzzing with which fruit yields the most phytonutrients. These plant nutrients are the antioxidants that combat the free radical damage.

It is like a war of the fruits!   The one fruit that does yield the most potent of antioxidants is the muscadine grape. With over 100 phytonutrients in one grape there is no competition.  You already know the important role resveratrol plays in anti-aging, but what you may not know is how critical it is for resveratrol to stay with its companions of other phytonutrients such as ellagic acid, known for its cancer fighting properties, or quercetin with its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Imagine over 100 of these nutrients all in one fruit to work synergistically to perform more effectively in their actions  To put it in simple terms, when resveratrol is extracted to stand alone, it just doesn’t do the same job as when it remains with the other phytonutrients.

But let’s be clear here… not all muscadine supplements are the same.

The only one I found to be of pure quality backed by scientific studies is the this brand.  They have done the work and test each and every batch. They also continue their ongoing medical research at prestigious medical universities to find the value of how their compound works with cancer and heart disease.

While they make no claims to treat, cure or prevent disease, I have found the independent studies impressive.  I have used it myself and over the last 6  years have found myself with more energy than I have ever had.  I have also noticed decrease in aches, better sleep, and an improvement in the growth of my hair and nails. I know that I am getting the quality and quantity that I, as a healthcare professional, know I need.

In summary, for more energy and vibrant health you need to stop and be aware of the hidden causes of how the toxins in your environment are affecting your aging and health; change what you can; but most importantly use a quality antioxidant to combat the damage that you may have no control over.

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Peggy Gleason is the owner of Professional Women’s Wellness, working with women over 45 who are “trying to do it all”.    As a certified Duke trained Coach she specializes in Women’s health and nutrition.  In addition to her focus on the power of antioxidants to prevent disease and aging, she is an expert holistic wellness coach and offers numerous programs to create work-life balance for contentment and satisfaction in all areas of wellbeing.

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