Are You Getting Forgetful?

Posted on August 19 2021

Sometimes we wonder if we are losing our minds… we forget where we put our keys, or why we came into a room. Have you ever said to yourself. “why did I come in here”? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

In my house I used to lose my keys very often – so much so that my teen age kds bought me a giant orange lucite key chain that read “keys I havn’t lost yet”. That was my wake up call. why was I forgetting where I put things? I discovered I was going in too many directions trying to do thoo many things at one time. Sound familiar?

There are several reasons this happens to us. Most of the time we are distracted. In today’s world, our minds are jumping around like popcorn. This is sometimes referred to the ‘monkey mind” and it  makes it hard to focus.  Also, we are not paying attention in the first place. We are multi-tasking with the belief we will get more done but in truth, we are actually sabotaging our time and get less done.
There are other reasons too. What you put in your mouth has a lot to do with your memory.
Just imagine if you had an expensive Ferrari and you put diesel in it… it wouldn’t run right? Your body is the same. It needs the right fuel.  The sugar and gluten you ingest can wreak havoc on your brain function. Just be mind ful and include nourishing whole foods and avoid processed foods and toxins that are easy and fast.

Recently I re-read grain Brain by David Perlmutter and he explains what “wheat” does to our brains but creating brain fog. I chose gluten free for that one reason alone and saw a dramatic improvement.

I make it a quick run when I shop for groceries by just going around the perimeter of the store for food.  Try it – you’ll discover how many processed foods you avoided!

Enjoy your day and try not to lose your keys!


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