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It’s Not Too Late …

Posted on January 07 2016

not too lateI’ve spend a good deal of time over the last couple weeks, reflecting, making lists, revisiting my goals from last January and looking in a forward direction to 2016.  There have many wonderful events over the last year from my trips back and forth to NY, family moments, great conferences and growth in my work. I feel very grateful.  I also realize this is not the case for everyone.

Did you end the year with frustration, fatigue, overwhelm and loss? Perhaps the intentions you set were thwarted with the sabotage of circumstances, discouragement and lack of belief that it was possible to reach the lofty goals you set last year.

The most important thing to keep in mind is before you set out on this years goals and plans, let go of the negative things from last year. Don’t drag them into 2016. Acknowledge them and mindfully let them go.

I had a friend who had a horrible year. She had trouble in her marriage,  a personal illness, a disgruntled co-worker, and she had gained weight and hadn’t time for the gym. I noticed she went into the New Year already defeated and with a sense of disbelief that she could succeed.  She had her list of what she wanted to accomplish and change, but the weight of last years failures ruminated in her mind. She wasn’t truly convinced she was able to change.

We decided to write all those negative thoughts, frustrations, events and beliefs on a piece of paper; acknowledge that they existed and reflect about what she had learned from them. After that, we burned the paper and all that it contained.

This ceremonial way of letting go was rejuvenating for her.  She told me her first week with a “clean slate” actually felt liberating and motivating.  She is keeping a reminder of her ceremony with a picture taken the day she “let go”. It’ a selfie of her smiling.

Whether it is the week after New Years a month or mid year, it is never too late to let go of the past and give yourself a clean slate! What’s next for you in your life?

Peggy Gleason is the CEO of Professional Womens Wellness helping women take care of themselves while taking care of others. She helps women identify and focus on meeting their own needs so they can enjoy life!

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